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Customer service is a key cornerstone for Radio Design

Highly experienced in RF and Microwave.   From it's origins in the RF product domain, Radio Design's engineers have a breadth of experience from many years in the industry. This knowledge and expertise is applied to all aspects of the services, and all products that are repaired.

Third party and multi-vendor reverse engineering.   From the expertise of product design, and utilising the dedicated engineering team, Radio Design can undertake a full third party engineering solution. This includes simple filters or power products to complex transceiver products. Where there is no longer any product support from an OEM (e.g. Legacy or End of Life), or original data is hard to obtain, this can be a very useful route to providing a cost effective repair solution.

Low BER/Scrap rate mean less expenditure on replacement product. Radio Design employs a manufacturing based NPI process for launching a product into volume repair. This enables reduced scrap rates (or Beyond Economical Repair). Ongoing engineering activity is undertaken to reduce BER rates further.

Radio Design has the ability to perform multifaceted repairs through the rigorous process undertaken by the repair technicians and engineers. This ensures that a thorough and complete repair is undertaken down to component level, including tuning of filter/combiner products. Using these extensive capabilities ensures that there is more product released back to the field that would otherwise be scrapped.

OEM current and legacy support is provided by Radio Design through close partnerships to support OEM equipment - both current and legacy units.

Localised screening.   Where a product is deemed to need regional repair and screening services, Radio Design can provide a low cost method to only send genuine failures for repair.

Common test equipment.   By providing a custom test interface, common test equipment may be utilised rather than the expense of dedicated test set-ups.