Smarter Repair Solutions

Radio Design Repair Centres

UK: Headquarters;
Shipley, West Yorkshire
India: Gurgaon, New Delhi
China: Wuxi, Jiangsu

From the inception of Radio Design the overriding aim was to provide excellence for our customers.

The Hardware Services Division was inspired to provide a class leading repair service for OEMs and Operators, and through this a number of repair centres were established. These centres of excellence provide repair capability for telecoms equipment, and are geared for high volumes of equipment repair.

Each repair centre operates to support it's local market. Product transfers between centres has been set up to allow a global repair capability very rapidly.

Doing things right increases profitability for you

  • Significant engineering expertise
  • Multivendor
  • Parts management
  • Product Life Cycle extension
  • OEM support
  • Work with customers to optimise process
  • Local customers and 3rd party partnering
  • Dedicated Repair R&D resources
  • International Coverage
  • Low repair costs
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Fast turn around
  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Low scrap rates