Welcome to Radio Design – Smarter Wireless

Radio Design is the award-winning technology leader in infrastructure-sharing RF technologies, enabling high capacity cell sites and maximising data throughput. With countless successful network rollouts and deployments to its name, including the world’s largest shared network, Radio Design has enabled many of the world’s largest network operators to add capacity and achieve significant CAPEX and OPEX savings through unique efficient RF technology and reliable high quality solutions.

If you are a network operator looking to overlay new wireless technologies [such as MIMO or new frequency bands] into existing infrastructure, or share antennas and network equipment with other operators, Radio Design’s extensive world-class product portfolio will help you deliver this in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Contact us, too, for details of our new and unique concept, Self-Adapting Expert Site Design – Radio Design’s innovative range of RF solutions [including TMAs, combiners and RF routers] that adapt to the requirements of evolving site configurations and accommodate future needs.